Nan Xiang Steamed Bun Restaurant has long had a sterling reputation as Shanghai’s premier eatery for the local specialties: delicious Xiao Lung Paos, (traditional Shanghainese steamed Dumplings) along with traditional Shanghainese cuisine. Located right on the lake of the famed Yuyuan Gardens, Nan Xiang boasts traditional Chinese architecture with modern twists such as ergonomically correctly designed teapots.

A testament to the fabulous cuisine is of course the indisputable fact that this place is extremely busy around the clock. Do try to avoid peak hours as long queues will definitely try your patience. What is all the hoopla about? Well, there’s an outstanding array of xiao lung paos here, the likes of which you may not find elsewhere in the world. Steamed buns with crab roe stuffing, mushroom stuffing and sweet pork stuffing are just a few of the delicacies.

Biting into one of these dumplings is an experience one cannot leave China without. Be careful not to get burned from the hot steam billowing from inside while gently biting into the just perfectly tender skin. Sipping the savory soup inside the dumpling while simultaneously biting into the stuffing makes me completely forget that there is a world outside or a long line of hungry people giving me the evil eye.

As the initial searing and shock of the heat resides, in its place ebbs the most succulent sweet juiciness and delicate flavors. Oh yes, you too will forget about the long line of awaiting diners staring at you, drooling. This is, after all, your turn with the xiao lung paos. Revel in its exquisite juiciness, swirl the savory goodness and memorize that moment. If you’re not a local, who knows when you’ll eat these heavenly dumplings again? If you’re one of the unfortunates who have to stand in line, you can watch Nan Xiang’s chefs through the large windows making the xiao lung paos with expert dexterity. Do try not to press your face too hard against the window. The wait will be worth it.

378 Fuyou Road
Yuyuan Bazaar, Shanghai
P: 86-21-6355-4206