LA Sweets- Best Cupcakes in America

Though recently recognized as a culinary hot spot, Miami has a very long way to go before even dreaming of reaching iconic status like San Francisco or New York. By way of desserts particularly, the Latin dominated beach city leaves much to be desired, being overrun by both seedy bakeries peddling stale and artery clogging pastries and trendy, overpriced outlets catering to the nouveau riche with little taste buds. It may come as a shock then that the best cupcakes in America are to be found right in Southern Florida.

With the arrival of LA Sweets though, Miami has its first truly formidable entry into the national dessert industry. Owners Letty and Eddie Dominguez have obviously poured a lifetime’s worth of passion, dedication and baking know-how into this hidden jewel. Tucked away in one of Miami’s notoriously overgrown malls, LA Sweets is a contemporary cross of modern New York coffee lounge meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory meets Grandma’s kitchen on weekends.

While interiors are trendy enough to attract teenagers and wannabe starlets, it’s also cozy enough for families and groups of friends. A large flat screen television entertains along with special edition board games and a cute children’s corner. While the setting is enjoyable, what really attracts faithful patrons who don’t mind coming from faraway suburbs (because it really is that good), are Letty’s infamous cupcakes.

Having tried nearly every one of her 50+ flavors, I can genuinely say that to describe her cupcakes as moist and delicate would be understatements. With honest to goodness buttercream frosting that is whipped fresh daily, everything from Mango to Guava, Grand Marnier and traditional chocolate cupcakes are simply orgasmic. Each cupcake is as divine as the next and the only difficulty becomes deciding between which flavor and how many. If well over 50 cupcake flavors don’t satisfy, LA Sweets also offers a beautiful array of customizable chocolate drizzled strawberries, brownies, cookies and caramelized apples.

As if the dessert fantasy wasn’t enough, service here is so genuinely friendly and unpretentious that you could almost forget you’re in Miami.

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