Kanda Yabu Soba- Best Soba in Tokyo

This is an institution in Tokyo for Soba lovers. Opening its doors back in 1880, Kanda Yabusoba has been serving countless loyal patrons their famous Seiro style noodles- soba made from ten parts buckwheat to one part wheat flour. The noodles are served with the traditional dipping sauce (homemade, needless to say) on the side with an array of side choices such as Tempura Ebi (shrimp tempura) as well as Soba in hot broth. With a firm bite to the noodles and an addictive savory-sweet balance to the sauce, Yabusoba’s chefs clearly demonstrate why this restaurant has survived through wars and constant change in a fast-paced world. Perfection is not to be tampered with.

Though this adorable and traditional eatery specializes in all types of Soba, they also offer quite a large menu of other warm foods such as delicious, smooth Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard with shiitake mushroom) and grilled fish served with an assortment of Japanese pickles and dipping sauces. While feasting on these delicacies, one as fresh and savory as the next, it is no difficult task to forget that there is a modern world beyond Yabusoba’s front doors.

This is a place where old traditions reign supreme with authenticity taking a life as an art form in itself. Real Japanese food served the real Japanese way- clean presentation lines, each condiment placed precisely with loving care in little bowls and jugs (the kind that are so cute, it tempts you to be a kleptomaniac) and with flavors that blend in your palate seamlessly, each nuance coming through bright and clear.

The experience begins, of course, the moment you see the restaurant from the outside, with its charming wood structure and traditional Japanese Edo architecture. Order an assortment of dishes to immerse in the glory that is Kanda Yabusoba. Don’t be afraid to slurp the Soba- this is customary in Japan. Some chefs even take it as an insult if you don’t, thinking you might think little of his Soba making skills. When you finally leave, be assured that you’ll return much sooner than you anticipated, if you can wait that long.

2-10 Kanda Awajicyo
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo