Anyone driving by on Geary Street could well be forgiven for passing right by Kabuto. It’s a small hole in the wall but its diminutive size belies its gargantuan quality, freshness and creativity in the Japanese culinary arts. Though there are tables around the cozy joint, sitting at the bar is best to witness the deft skill of the chefs,seen usually only in the homeland.

At Kabuto, master sushi chefs prepare delicacies so incredibly fresh that at the touch of your tongue,the fish and seafoodmelt in your mouth into silken ecstasy. Fusion cuisine is difficult to execute properly without losing the essence of any original tastes and techniques. Kabuto has crafted some of the best sushi and sashimi fusions I’ve seen anywhere.

Their version of Ceviche is exquisite, with the freshest halibut topped with salsa, all wrapped in savory fried seaweed and just a drizzle of tangy lime juice and sea salt. Toro Tartar is another personal favorite. The toro and avocado blend into a smooth swirl of luscious flavors complemented by the crisp fried shiso leaves.

Green Tea Creme Brulee is as gentle and delicately sweet as its name suggests and is the perfect way to enda spectacularJapanese meal. With an extensive list of sushi rolls to satisfy the appetite of the most discerning seafood lovers and house created specialties seen nowhere else, Kabuto is one of the Bay Area’s glittering gems. Even with the countless choices that abound, Kabuto does San Francisco very proud indeed.

Kabuto SF