Chino Latino is one of the most whimsical and fun places to eat in America’s mid-west. Its mod decor is just a hint of the innovative fusion of Asian and Latin cuisine the Chino Latino team has created. The flavors combined at Chino Latino are bold and adventurous, obvious in an extensive menu filled with delicious curries, succulent burritos, unique sushi rolls and mouth watering desserts. Understand the owners’ mission of serving up an eclectic range of cuisine from the tropical belt around the world and it’s easy to surf through the east meets west menu.

This is the place to come when you’re craving comfort food with a twist and a cheerful, crowded atmosphere that guarantees to dissipate any bad mood. How could anyone not crack a smile with entrees such as “Fidel’s Capitalist Pig Roast?” My personal favorites are the Pescado Ahumado (a light, citrus glazed swordfish with creamy guacomole), Siggy’s Naughty White Tiger Roll (a shrimp tempura roll covered in Scottish salmon and Ahi tuna sashimi perfectly paired with a spicy aioli).

For those still not satisfied with the abundance of savory dishes and crazy rolls, an even more sinful and suicidal list of desserts abounds. Fear not. How’s this to either perk up a slow work day or end a date night? Hot Funky Love- deep fried snickers topped with vanilla ice cream. The Fire Goddess’ Sacrificial S’mores Platter- exactly what it sounds like. Need we say more?