To step into Le Colonial is to enter another era. The old-world charm of Vietnam fuses seamlessly with the air of sophisticated France, easily apparent in the Veranda and Outdoor Patio. Incredibly unique to cosmopolitan city restaurants, Le Colonial boasts not only its lovely indoor dining rooms but outdoor areas plush with greenery where you can enjoy fresh air and relax in cozy but chic surroundings.

There is hardly a reminder of today’s stress and worries; everything melts away into a far better place where all that matters is indulging in exquisite food, excellent service and great company. Everything about Le Colonial subtly lulls you into forgetting what city you’re in, sometimes even what year it is. Authentic Vietnamese favorites are taken to an entirely new level with incredibly fresh, high quality ingredients and beautiful presentations with twists of classic French elements.

Not to be missed are the Pan Roasted Salmon with a delicately spicy tamarind drizzle and savory Flash Fried Brussel Sprouts. Think brussel sprouts are the bitter veggies you hated eating as a child? Think again. Crispy on the outside, moist inside, these little gems are bursting with rich smoky flavor and lightly bathed in a sweet chili sauce. Decadent Banana Bread Pudding is lusciously heartwarming on a cold day, with touches of Grand Marnier and an exquisite espresso whipped cream.

Le Colonial is one of San Francisco’s most popular restaurants for a romantic dinner a deux, weekend brunch, a cozy get together with friends, or a gorgeous place to impress your visitors with. Certain evenings herald the transformation of the upstairs into one of the city’s hottest lounges with live music and cool cocktails while weekends feature a lovely brunch. With superfluous cuisine and warm service, Le Colonial holds its rightful place as one of the jewels that catapulted the city by the bay into iconic culinary status.

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