Ling Hi-Vitamin C 12%- Best Brightening Serums

With as many skincare brands as there are all over the world, you couldn’t be faulted for not having heard of Ling Skincare. For years it went under even my radar and I do beauty reviews regularly. Ling was brought to my attention a few months ago while I was chatting with a famous actress in Hollywood. Go figure that Hollywood women would know all about the best skincare in the world.

For the longest time I’d been searching for a Vitamin C serum that would effectively target sun spots and ward off early signs of aging. I can’t recall the number of such serums I’ve tried to no avail at great cost. Being an optimist, I was excited to try Ling’s Hi-Vitamin C 12% serum, which promises to do exactly the above.

We all know how powerful Vitamin C is for internal consumption- it’s the keyword that makes us all down glasses of orange juice when we feel a cold coming on. Did you realize though, that Vitamin C is also powerful as an external tool to neutralize free radicals and behaves as a sun protector, preventing new sunspots and melanin production? Vitamin C is a crucial component of collagen building, which we desperately need as we grow older in order to keep our skin as firm as possible.

The first time I used Ling’s Hi Vitamin C 12% serum was in the evening; I was a little weary of its seemingly oily feel on my fingertips. Upon applying this clear and odorless serum all over my face though, it felt silky smooth and within minutes, there was not a trace of oiliness. For those of you with oily or combination skin like me, you’ll be happy to know that despite its initial oily feel, this serum does not cause breakouts and does not contribute at all to shine. For those of you with normal or dry skin, you’ll enjoy the extra feeling of moisture this serum provides.

Given Vitamin C’s proven effectiveness at acting as a sun protector (though you still need a good SPF lotion), I began using this serum both day and night. Within about 3 weeks I was thrilled to see that it had in fact helped to lighten a few of my smaller sunspots- those that had stubbornly clung on for dear life onto my face for years.

After over 1 month’s use, I notice an overall boost in smoothness of my skin and most surprising of all, in the daytime, there’s a noticeable decrease in oiliness. Typically, I’d have to use blotting paper 3 times during any 8 hour period to keep my face shine free. After incorporating Ling’s Hi Vitamin C 12% serum, I now only blot once per regular work day.

Ling targets this serum for helping to treat fine lines and wrinkles. I can’t quite yet comment on whether it delivers on those promises since I don’t have wrinkles yet but the real test will be a few years down the road after my continued use of this silky serum. I guess we’ll see at what age I begin developing wrinkles so I’ll keep you all updated. Until then, I’m already an ardent fan of this Vitamin C serum. It’s the only one I’ve encountered out of countless that has begun to deliver in multiple aspects.

At US $80 for a 1 fl. oz. bottle, this 4 month supply (if used day and night everyday) is as close as you’re going to get to those ridiculously expensive dermatologist treatments in-office that promise to reduce sunspots and wrinkles but Ling won’t break the bank. It will give you luminous, smooth skin and lighten those pesky dark spots with just a little patience. A great serum like Ling’s Hi Vitamin C 12% will do its job over time; no such thing as overnight magic.

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