Delsey’s New StarckTrip Collection- Best Travel Bags

As a globetrotting business woman, I am as obsessed with ergonomically correctly designed luggage as I am with skincare (which many of you already know). I’ve been a long time fan of Delsey Luggage (check out my review of their Hyperlite Spinners) as few brands on the market today can honestly boast of the same level of care taken into the design process, manufacturing and quality control.

There are countless suitcases made in various countries that are extremely cost-effective but will be equally effective at leaving you stranded with broken wheels, dented or ripped bodies and loose handles. Believe me, I’ve gone through every imaginable scenario with suitcases both large and carry-ons. If something could go wrong with a suitcase, it usually did for me. That all stopped when I converted most of my luggage collection to Delsey a couple of years ago.

Just last month when I was doing my keynote speech at the Women In Travel Summit in Boston, I ran into the lovely team of people who represent Delsey and was introduced to their newest line in partnership with famed designer Philippe Starck who is renowned for his work on President Francois Mitterrand’s home, the Clift Hotel San Francisco and the Paramount Hotel New York. The StarckTrip Collection was a design marriage made in heaven.

Starck is known for his clean lines and out-of-the-box quirks that have created some of the world’s most iconic places. Delsey is also known for modern lines with sophisticated warmth and of course, optimum functionality. So what does a child of Delsey and Starck look like? As gorgeous, streamlined and user-friendly as you can imagine.

After just a month of use, I’m head over heels in love with the Delsey Starck Panamack Personal Tote. 

It has a unisex design and admittedly, at first I was a little skeptical as to whether I’d really enjoy using a bag that wasn’t as feminine as I’m used to with my regular handbags. After just a few days though, the level of comfort, functionality and sheer cool factor of it won me over completely.

Firstly, the chrome handle bars, reminiscent of either gymnastics parallel bars or the staircase railing at Arcelor Mittal headquarters, are very comfortable to grip and don’t slip easily. There are also black shoulder straps that for me are the perfect height (I’m 5′ 2″) falling to my hip.

This Delsey Starck bag has three compartments- the large, spacious middle one that fits a Mac or small PC or an enormous amount of odds and ends, one side compartment that is also quite spacious and has the same depth as the middle one, and finally, the other side compartment which only reaches about half the depth of the other two compartments. Having this one compartment reach only half depth turns out to be incredibly useful for items like cell phone and keys so you don’t end up having to rummage down deep in the darkness of those compartments.
This bag is so sleek that everywhere I go, I get complimented on it by both men and women, showing that it really does have unisex appeal.

The two ring zippers of the middle compartment as well as the pull zippers of the side compartments were tested over 5000 times. That’s a jarring number when you think of the poor Quality Control people who had the job of doing that.

The bag is built from a Polygiene® material which is stain and water resistant, antibacterial and durable for all types of journeys around the globe. And most importantly perhaps to those of you who carry sensitive information while out and about- the Polygiene®  material makes it impossible for would-be hackers passing by you to steal your information without actually stealing your actual bag, a valuable Data Protection asset. 

The bag also comes with the following:

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Anti-Stain Treatment
  • Anti-Bacteria Treatment- 40 x 40 denier Polyhexamethylene adipamide nylon bonded jersey cotton. AgCl silver chloride treated Polygiene® lining
  • Water repellant Treatment
  • Cable TSA-accepted padlock- Zamak alloy body with steel cable.

Panamack Personal Tote- Delsey StarckTrip Collection
H 10 x L 13.8 x D 7.8 inches
1,076.40 cubic inches
2.00 pounds

Whether you’re searching for the perfect travel bag or a sophisticated and multi-functional everyday bag, you will unequivocally fall in love with the Delsey StarckTrip bags. The one I have is the Panamack Personal Tote which retails for US $310 and is well worth every dollar. There are multiple versions of this bag with varying sizes and prices.

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