Timothy Adams Chocolates- Best Chocolates in SF Bay Area

I know some of you may faint when I say this but there was a time long ago when I was not into chocolate. In general, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth and only make room for desserts/sweets of any type when they are truly of an exquisite caliber that make the calories and sugar intake worth every bit. Then when I turned 30, something just changed.

I began developing a fondness for all types of dark chocolates- plain, infused, salted, truffled. In my travels, I began paying close attention to the chocolates that restaurants, colleagues and hotels gifted me. And there begun my love affair with the world’s best chocolates- hopping from one city and country to another, discovering boutique chocolatiers along the way. I still don’t have a big sweet tooth so a little goes a long way with me and that’s the way high quality, hand-made chocolate is supposed to be consumed.

In the San Francisco bay area, there are certainly a fair share of chocolatiers touting all kinds of catch-phrases like “single origin chocolate” or “made on premises.” In fact, one of my all time favorite chocolatiers in San Francisco is Tcho Chocolates. However, the bay area is pretty expansive and when I’m spending time in the heart of Silicon Valley, well, a girl wants her high quality chocolate without driving all the way to town.

And in no way does that mean that my new favorite chocolatier in the bay area is second class to any other. Timothy Adams is not just one of my go-to chocolatiers in the SF Bay Area but in all of the United States.

Their chocolates are hand-made everyday “on premises” (you can see the team making the bonbons) and there are some chocolates that are single origin. But those trendy terms will wear out long before this adorable chocolate shop and lounge do. Timothy Adams is unlike any other chocolate shop in the US. Run by two men actually named Timothy and Adams, this place is every grown up kid’s chocolate fantasy.

There are the daily chocolate offerings on display behind a glass case- flavors change constantly but you can almost always count on favorites like Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and Liquor-infused Truffle to be available. There are of course the plain dark and milk chocolates for those of you purists out there. Every morsel of these refined bonbons takes a layer of the day’s stress away, some straightforward flavors are more comforting while complex concoctions offer a surprise departure from the expected.

In case you want to sit and savor all that is chocolate heaven, Timothy Adams is just the place to do just that. More than just a place to stop in and purchase those chocolate bonbons, you can sit at a table or window-side bench by yourself, with your bff or for a sweet date night because Timothy Adams serves up a lovely menu of chocolates in liquid form.

Choose from one of 8 types of divine chocolates that range from lightest to darkest, (Creme Francais, Icoa, Kokoleka Milk, La Premiere Etoile, Machu Picchu, Coucher du Soleil, Abinao and Oban) then add your milk of choice (regular, non-fat, almond, hazelnut). The darker you go, the thicker and richer the drink will be. If you ever need a quick pick-me-up to put you in an insanely good mood, head over to Timothy Adams and order one of their Cocoa drinks.

And if you’re more into coffee than chocolate, you can temper any of the above cocoa drinks with your choice of a coffee to turn it into a Mocha. And if you really aren’t crazy about chocolate but are there with someone who is, have no fear- there is a menu of just regular coffees and teas.

Bonbons ordered to enjoy in-lounge are served up on an adorable mini iron skillet. There was something about the cuteness of the presentation that made me giddy, as if somehow I was going to cook chocolate and turn it into these gorgeous little morsels.

They have gorgeously wrapped gift boxes where you get to pick your own set of 6, 12 or 24 in addition to chocolate bunnies. Yes, bunnies.

The lounge is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland- splashes of vibrant fuschias and blues with white furniture and a nice touch of draperies around the window-side benches. Small tables line one wall inside the store and a couple of tables are out front for al-fresco enjoyment. (A huge plus- the bathroom is usually super clean).

To top off an already all around sweet experience, chat with Timothy or Adams and you’ll see why their chocolates are so damned good. These men are serious about their passion, serious about their craft and even more serious about making sure that every customer who steps into their chocolate lounge feels welcome and appreciated.

Timothy Adams is open every day except Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Wednesday, and until 10:00 p.m. Thursday through Saturday. They’re available for private parties as well.

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