Sulwhasoo Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Lifting Serum

The number one mistake that anyone can make with their skin is not moisturizing enough. No matter what type of skin you have- dry, normal, oily or combination, your skin needs ample moisture. Now, don’t confuse real moisture with oiliness. I’ve heard from many of you with oily skin asking how you can possibly add more moisture when you’re overflowing with oiliness. The bottom line is that you’re probably experiencing that oil slick because your skin is parched.

I’ve been there and combated the same issues. It was only when I introduced serious moisture to my daily skincare routine that I began seeing a noticeable difference in the amount of oil my face was producing, even around my t-zone.

When I reached my 30th birthday I knew I had to hunker down and get even more serious about skincare if I wanted to maintain youthful, soft, smooth skin. I incorporated serums with different functions through the years. One of my all time favorites thus far has been Sulwhasoo’s Hydro-Aid Moisturizing Lifting Serum. As its name suggests, this powerful serum does multiple duties- it locks in much needed moisture, promotes healthy circulation, relieves puffiness and over long term use, helps keep skin firm.

What is in this serum? It’s a list of who’s who in skincare: herbal seaweed, calcium, Green tea leaf extract, licorice root extract, Panax Ginseng root extract, Lilium Tigrinum flower extract, citrus Unshiu peel extract, honey, honeysuckle flower extract and Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, to name just a few.

This Sulwhasoo serum has a milky white color and somewhat thin liquid consistency, absorbs quickly into the skin with just a very faint scent of lightly sweet florals. If you are looking for immediate results, this is not the serum for you. However, if you’re patient and realize that achieving beautiful skin takes time and is a lifelong process, you’ll love how this serum gives your skin that extra boost of real moisture and gentle lift over time. I liken using Sulwhasoo’s serum to receiving acupuncture treatments- some people may see results after just one use but most will see consistently positive results after long term use.

It’s no surprise that long term real results is what Sulwhasoo focuses on given that the company partnered with Korea’s Kyunghee University of Oriental Medicine to develop its line of skincare products, many of which have become global bestsellers with serious skin aficionados. For those of you unfamiliar with Sulwhasoo, I strongly suggest you learn more about them and the painstaking care the company takes with merging traditional Asian ingredients and modern technological advances in skincare.

At US $110 for a 60 ml bottle, this serum is well worth every dollar and lasts a solid 6 months with nightly use, enough time to see visible results that you will love.

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