Madame Tussaud’s Fan Bing Bing Statue

Some of you might remember my piece from last year on Madame Tussaud’s Jeremy Lin unveiling when I got to interview the basketball star. This quarter, I was invited to witness the lifelike beauty of Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing, who is known for hits including Lost In Beijing, Sophie’s Revenge and X Men: Days of Future Past. 

To commemorate 2015’s Chinese New Year of the Ram (or Sheep), Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in San Francisco unveiled the spectacular statue of Fan Bing Bing. Not only is the face of the statue accurate, the detailing on the gown and embellishments are outstanding. Worthy of Hollywood’s red carpet, the silk off-white gown looks to feature hand-stitched floral and bird patterns in a multitude of colors with a gorgeous rounded train. In her hands is a Judith Lieber-looking clutch, gleaming brilliantly under twinkling lights.

Even her manicure is done perfectly and her left wrist features a “diamond” encrusted watch.

At a quick glance if you were to see this statue on a real red carpet and outside of the wax museum, you would likely mistake it for the real Fan Bing Bing.

For those of you who are very much into pop culture and Hollywood celebrities, or are simply into lifelike statues as an art form, a visit to the iconic Madame Tussaud’s is a must. If you’ve already been but years ago, consider another visit as the museum is constantly rotating its inventory of statues and unveiling new ones.

Make an afternoon of it by also visiting the next-door SF Dungeons where you can get a unique, interactive and rather terrifying look into San Francisco’s sordid history. 

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