Murad Essential-C Eye Cream- Best SPF Eye Cream

Out of the dozens of skincare products we can use at any one time, if I had to pick one item to take with me on a deserted island, I’d have to pick eye cream. Not only are the eyes the windows to our souls, they’re also the announcer of our age. That area of skin is so delicate, made ever more so at risk for aging if like me, you happen to enjoy wearing eye makeup.

For those who ask me advice on skincare, I cannot stress enough how vital using a good eye cream is to caring for your skin. While there are several options out there for truly great evening eye creams, it has been difficult to find a daytime eye cream that suits me.

If you’re not familiar with “daytime eye creams,” this is essentially the same thing as a day cream that should have SPF built in to reduce on the number of steps in your daily skincare routine. Why should cream for our sensitive and delicate eye area be treated any differently than the rest of our face?

When I recently rediscovered the Murad line, (I had used Murad in my late teens to combat a bout of acne), I was excited to see their Essential-C Eye Cream with built in SPF 15. Free of Sulfates and Phthalates, this fantastic daytime eye cream does its promised job of hydrating the eye area and softening fine lines through Shorea butter and avocado oil. Its caffeine helps to combat puffiness while retinol helps cell turnover for a youthful radiance.

I love that this Essential-C Eye Cream goes on smoothly, unlike many products with SPF infused that end up either too oily or chunky. Its white creamy consistency melts into the skin under and above my eyes immediately. This eye cream has no noticeable scent. Though I am always careful to wear big sunglasses whenever I’m outside, it provides an extra layer of relief and protection to know that my eye cream has the built in SPF.

At US $69 for a 0.5 fl. oz. pump bottle that lasts several months with morning daily use, the Murad Essential-C Eye Cream is a daytime eye cream that is definitely staying in my permanent skincare routine.

Available at, Sephora and other retailers worldwide.

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