UnBreakable Umbrella

Rainy season is finally upon the west coast of America (and other parts of the world); some days have seen torrential downfalls amid years filled with drought. I’m sure many of you have experienced the exact same situation I have over and over again- rushing from one place to another in your busy day, dealing with hard rain only to find that your much needed umbrella jams, tears or best yet, flips inside out so that instead of protecting you from the rain, it now begins acting as a bucket to catch water.

I’ve been through so many umbrellas, I’ve lost count. Cheap umbrellas under $10 to expensive umbrellas hovering around the $50 mark- all so that I could prevent the umbrella turned bucket, the umbrella turned boomerang and the umbrella that just refuses to open or close.

It was with great hope that I tried the UnBreakable Umbrella, also known as the Real Self Defense Umbrella.  Used by several global leaders, these umbrellas are unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Their cores are made of one of several materials depending on which model you opt for. Some have fiberglass cores while others are made of steel. They weight anywhere from 1.3 lbs to 1.7 lbs (under 1 kg).

What really attracted my attention was the company’s promo videos- a white-haired gentleman whacking the umbrella like a madman against chairs, steel poles and pretty much anything he could get his hands on. The umbrellas remained completely intact. There’s also a situation where he places the umbrella lying flat between two chairs, the middle part suspended. He then stands on it. I honestly wondered if these were doctored videos.

Until I got my hands on one that the company sent me. It was one drizzly afternoon in California when I first carried the Unbreakable Umbrella with me. With friends standing around me, I decided to do what the man in the promo video did. I chose a random steel light post on a street and started whacking as hard as I could against it like a crazy person, all the while praying that some cop wouldn’t come by and arrest me for attempted vandalism.

I’m happy to report that both the light pole and the umbrella were both intact and relatively unharmed. The only concern I had was that after opening the umbrella (after the whacking) to check if it was ok, I did notice a few miniscule tears on the black fabric. In the light drizzle, the tears made no difference at all but I was worried if the umbrella would hold up in a downpour. I got a chance to test it frequently, recently with the heavy rains in California.

Amazingly, walking around under strong wind conditions and very heavy rain, those tiny tears seemed not to exist in regards to holding out water. I could still see them but it’s as if there were invisible barriers. I don’t know how or why that’s the case but the fact holds.

So what we have here is not only the most superior umbrella I have ever encountered in 30 plus years of life but it doubles as a powerful weapon in dangerous situations; a weapon that is perfectly legal despite its potentially deadly capabilities. It opens and closes smoothly and easily. It looks modern and as sophisticated as an umbrella can get with several model options.

You might balk at the prices which start at US $129.95 but really, think about how much you’ve already spent on random failed umbrellas over the years. The UnBreakable Umbrella will pretty much last you decades if not a lifetime, unless you purposefully take a knife and slash at the fabric portion. Not only will you be that one person on the street safely and comfortably walking in complete dryness with zero fear of an inverted or broken umbrella, you’ll have a self defense weapon in case of emergencies.

That’s pretty priceless.

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