How To Keep Your Manicure Perfect Longer

This will probably be one of the shortest articles you’ll ever read because the key to keeping your manicure perfect longer really is that simple. You can, of course, use the same tip for your perfect pedicure as well.

Once you go through the entire process of grooming and painting your nails with the final touch being the top coat, you’re going to add the real final touch. After applying the top coat, let it sit for just a couple of minutes.

Then, plunge your nails into a big bowl of icy cold water. You’ll want to have this bowl of ice water ready prior to starting your manicure. Simply take a large bowl, fill it with a few ice cubes and water so that it comes up to about 3/4 of the way up the bowl. You can let the bowl sit next to you while you do your manicure or if you take a long time, store the bowl in the refrigerator and carefully take it out when you’re ready to take the plunge.

The ice cold water helps to set your polish and top coat for a hard, fast and shiny result that helps to keep your nails in perfect condition longer than usual. For me, this cold plunge technique helps to extend the life of my manicure by up to 5 days.