AmorePacific Tinted Moisturizer

By now you have most likely heard of BB and CC creams, possibly even DD creams (yes, it’s a real thing). The trend of these semi to full coverage creams started in Asia and was adopted in the last couple of years by Western make-up companies finally making its way to the West. One of the pioneers of luxury skincare products in Asia is AmorePacific. If you haven’t heard of AmorePacific, it’s because their products were once exclusively used by celebrities and the uber-wealthy of Asia. AmorePacific ranks neck and neck with famous luxury skincare brand La Mer with some fans saying it’s even more potent.

Fear not though- if you’re not a celebrity or part of the obscenely wealthy, there are AmorePacific products within your reach and they are worth every dollar. One of my recent favorites is the AmorePacific Tinted Moisturizer.

Unlike heavier BB/CC creams, this Tinted Moisturizer provides hydration for normal to oily/combination skin but provides semi-full coverage like a light foundation without concealer. It has SPF 15 built in so in essence this Tinted Moisturizer behaves as a 3-in 1- moisturizer, sun protector and light foundation. If you have decent to beautiful skin, you’ll love how this Moisturizer gives you a kind of high definition smoothing, as if you’re face has been magazine photoshopped in real life without the heaviness of traditional foundations, bb creams and extra concealers.

If you have problematic skin, AmorePacific’s Tinted Moisturizer should also bode well for you since one of its properties is stimulating hyaluronic production. You can also avoid using heavy foundations or potentially more pore-clogging bb/cc creams.

It comes in 4 shades and in a tube that lasts about 4 months with daily use. Its consistency is as thick as foundations that come out of pump bottles. I like that it’s odorless- many bb/cc creams and foundations have a strange scent to them that I could never quite get used to. This Tinted Moisturizer stays on all day and surprisingly does a decent job of minimizing oiliness and shine.

At $70 for 1.6 oz tube (the one that lasts about 4 months), this is as good as tinted moisturizers get and well worth every dollar. You don’t have to be a celebrity or a 1% member to enjoy the benefits of Amore Pacific’s potent skincare products.

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Amore Pacific Tinted Moisturizer