Le Mieux Brightening Serum

Le Mieux states that they incorporate 8 brightening agents in this serum and while I don’t know what those agents are, I can attest to the palpable results. Incidentally, I began using Le Mieux’s Brightening Serum after an allergic bout to another skincare product I was testing.

After years of clear, smooth skin with just the rare occasional pimple during PMS week, I was shocked and horrified to endure nearly two months of a severe breakout due to an allergy to that one product. Post-acne marks had become a daily struggle to cover up with concealer and even worse to look at in the evenings.

Thankfully Le Mieux’s Brightening Serum came through with high marks for me, helping to significantly reduce the darkness of the acne marks after just one week of twice daily use. Typically, I’ll use a brightening serum just once a day- either morning or night but I was desperate to get rid of those horrible marks. After initially using this serum twice a day for about two weeks and noticing that the marks were now easily hidden with just a light dab of concealer, I knew Le Mieux’s Brightening Serum was a winner. My own skin did not heal or turnover that quickly from experience with previous acne marks.

With a light peach color and a semi-thick creme brulĂ©e consistency, this odorless serum quickly help to lighten stubborn post-acne scars and provides an overall brightening effect to tired, uneven skin tones. To be clear, this is different from a WHITENING product. Whatever skin color you are, this product does not claim or aim to make your skin color lighter. It’s targeted for spots that were never meant to be on your face and for pepping up your overall skin as if you always eat well, drink tons of water and sleep like a baby.

At US $95 per 1 oz pump bottle that lasts around 5 months with once daily use, this is now a product that I refuse to give up.

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