Purple Plant Blends

If you’ve been following my writings for even a little while, you’ll know that smoothies are a major part of my life. I’ve loved them since I was a child and in adulthood, I feel strongly that they’re an important aspect of maintaining good health in a balanced lifestyle. Unlike many extremists who jump on and off of food and diet trends, I do not advocate subsisting on smoothies as a way to totally cut out real meals with real protein, fruits and vegetables.

Smoothies are however, a wonderful way to get in a large proportion of fruits, vegetables and liquids as a breakfast on the go or as an in-between-meals booster. It’s also a fantastic option as a healthy dessert that is naturally sweet.

Given my love for smoothies, wherever I go I am always on the lookout for a trustworthy smoothie vendor that uses organic produce, preferably local and of course, has their recipes down pat. The art of smoothies is more complex than you might imagine- to get the right blend of ingredients so taste is delicious, nutrition is balanced and texture isn’t strange.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, my trusted go-to for smoothies is Purple Plant Blends. You won’t find traditional brick and mortar stores of this unique smoothie company. Purple Plant Blends is well known among the tech literati of the bay area as they set up customized shops in company offices. If you ever get a chance to visit headquarters of famed companies like Square, Craigslist or Skype, you’ll be lucky to come across the Purple Plant team.

Fear not though- those of you who don’t work in tech still have other opportunities to seek out your fresh blend of organic fruits and veggies. Visit UCSF or San Francisco General Hospital’s Wellness Center and you’ll get to satiate your cravings.

What makes Purple Plant Blends my pick for best smoothies in San Francisco? Unlike so many other “juice and smoothie” companies that should be ashamed to call themselves competitors, Purple Plant does not use any added sugars, chemicals, artificial sweeteners or frozen coagulated crap passed off as fruit or juice. Purple Plant partners with numerous local farmers and organic produce vendors to obtain the best quality ingredients, bringing meaning back to the trendy and over-abused words “fresh” and “organic.” 

It’s worth noting that compared to some competitors who are charging US $9 to $11 for a regular sized serving of a smoothie, Purple Plant offers far greater value in price versus serving size, superior quality and most definitely, superior service.

If you’re in the mood to boost your immune system and give it a thorough cleaning while you’re at it, go for one of my favorites- the Mojito Greens blend which has fresh mint leaves, cucumber, spinach, lime, kale, apples and coconut water. My motto is- a glass of Mojito Greens a day keeps doctors away.

If you’re more in the mood for something sweet and refreshing, go for the Strawberry Lemonade, an addictive blend of sweet, ripe strawberries with fresh lemon juice.

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