HYD For Men- Buffer Stick

The HYD For Men Buffer Stick is the best way for men to enjoy the benefits of microdermabrasion, a skincare therapy usually reserved for women. Upon opening the Buffer Stick you’re greeted with a distinct but not overpowering musky, sandalwood aroma. Giving the dial at the bottom a twist, the stick itself becomes exposed and ready for application.

HYD For Men suggests wetting a clean face, wetting the stick and then use the stick itself in circular motions for up to a minute all over your face. However, I’ve found that that method uses up the product too quickly for no reason. I prefer wetting my face, wetting the stick and then simply “drawing” on my face with the stick, swiping once over all major areas (chin, cheeks, forehead and t-zone), then working in the product with my fingers. This method works even better to maximize the microdermabrasion effect without overusing the product.

As you work in the product for 1 minute, you start to feel the tiny beads gently lift dead skin off your face. Rinse with warm water and what’s left behind is smoother, polished skin. The same way buffing the headlights on your car injects them with new life, the HYD For Men Buffer Stick invigorates your skin.

After just one use, I did notice instantly softer, smoother facial and neck skin. After over one month of use, about 2 to 3 times per week, I’ve noticed less ingrown hairs and less breakouts. HYD For Men also claims that long term use of the Buffer Stick will help prevent fine lines and dark spots. I haven’t reached my 30th birthday quite yet so we’ll see about the very long term results.

For now, I’m very happy with the instant and short term results and highly recommend this to all men, except those with very sensitive skin, acne or rosacea.

The HYD For Men Buffer Stick is available at US $24.99.

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HYD Buffer Stick For Men