Elemis Rehydrating Rose Petal Cleanser

If you’re a fan of floral scents, particularly rose, you will fall in love with Elemis’ Rehydrating Rose Petal Cleanser. Packaged in a pump bottle, this creamy, off-white colored facial cleanser is ideal for dry, sensitive or mature skin and especially for those who wear little to no make-up.

The Rose Petal Cleanser is very gentle, has an egg yolk base for the ultimate in hydration and doubles as a make-up remover when used with a cotton pad. Its active extracts of rose not only keep your skin at optimum levels of moisture but lends that distinctive, lovely scent that envelopes your face each time you use this cleanser.

Unlike typical facial cleansers, this one does not foam up but does keep its promises to strip your skin of dirt while locking in an extra layer of hydration even after washing off.

Key Ingredients include:
Active extracts of Rose
Vitamin E
Vitamin F

Several of our team members at AsianFusionGirl tested the Elemis Rose Petal Cleanser and we all came to the same conclusions. The scent is a clear winner; it’s present without being fake or overwhelming, gentle yet lingering. This is a fabulous daily cleanser for those of you with dry skin that needs an extra layer of moisture protection even before applying your other skincare products. This is also perfect for those with sensitive skin who have a hard time with other cleansers that cause breakouts or redness. 

A good sized 200 ml pump bottle is available at US $36 which is an incredible value for one of the best quality cleansers on the market and will last a good 6 months with twice daily use. Save your skin from harsh cleansers with dubious ingredients and let yourself get acquainted with Elemis’ Rose Petal Cleanser.

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