Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses

I adore hosting intimate dinner gatherings and larger parties; with playing hostess comes the inevitable task of dealing with broken wine glasses. I don’t recall the last party or gathering I’ve had when somebody didn’t spill a glass or knock it to the ground completely, causing that momentary gasp from the surrounding crowd. As a seasoned hostess, I’ve learned to plaster a smile on my face and appear unfazed as the last thing I want to do is make my guests feel uncomfortable or guilty.

Accidents happen, to all of us. As careful and gentle as I am, I have my occasional “Steve Urkel”moments where I curse aloud at the loss of a perfectly fine wine glass.

I was recently introduced to a company called Govino; they specialize in shatterproof wine glasses and decanters that at quick glance, look exactly like elegant glass wine glasses and decanters. I’ve always been rather iffy about using plastic wine glasses. Call me overly traditional but there are some things in life that should simply remain real.

Given the number of accidents at recent parties though, I was compelled to give Govino’s glasses a try. First, the specs:

Why does the govino wine glass look and perform like crystal?
Govino is made from a food-safe, BPA-free polymer, which reflects a wine’s color and aromatics much like crystal. It is recyclable (#1), but better yet it is reusable.

Washing your govino glasses:
We recommend hand washing all Govino products.
Reuse it, abuse it, but eventually recycle it!
To ensure the optimum wine tasting experience, we recommend replacing your Govino products once they lose their luster.

They are available in 3 sizes- a 12 oz. wine glass, a 16 oz. wine glass and an 8 oz. flute. There is also a 28 oz. decanter. All the glasses come in 4-packs at US $14.95 while the decanter is sold single at the same price of $14.95.

The glasses all have ergonomically placed grooves on one side, making the task of holding them incredibly easy, comfortable and slip-free. I have small hands and holding a real stemless wine glass is often problematic as I can’t circle my hands comfortably around the glass without fear of slipping and losing hold of it. With these Govino glasses, there is zero fear of losing grip.

The company claims that these wine glasses are shatterproof so I put it to the test. I stood on a step ladder in my kitchen and threw the glass down hard on my granite kitchen counter, several times, at different velocities with varying degrees of force. The results? That was a month ago and I still have my original set.

Govino also says that we can reuse and recycle these shatterproof wine glasses. While I did originally use them for wine, I have now used them on a daily basis as my everyday water glass as they are so comfortable, super light-weight and a breeze to wash. These are not dishwasher safe but giving them a quick washout in cold water is so easy that I can’t really complain about that.

It’s actually a nice feeling to be able to wash something by hand without worrying about breaking it for once. One Govino wine glass weighs less than a little USB drive, or the equivalent of a few pieces of paper. The company also advises to recycle the glasses once they’ve lost their original luster. As I mentioned, I’ve been using this on a daily basis for about a month now and they still look the same as the day I got them so I’ll do an update here once I find out just how long they last before recycling is necessary.

I’m excited to debut these at my next dinner party since both my guests and I can enjoy the evening with total ease, knowing that nothing will break. I also plan on taking these to a picnic soon. No more of those hideous plastic glasses from the market. At these prices, Govino makes buying any other plastic-ware a ridiculous idea given the sleek, sophisticated design, reusability, safety and recyclability.

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