Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot

Anybody who cooks at home knows this scenario well…you’ve studiously chopped a bunch of ingredients and have them all over your cutting board. Now it’s time to put those perfectly chopped ingredients into your pot or wok and you’re going to have to do one of three things- transfer those ingredients to a plate to then put into your wok/pot, carry them by hand and hope you don’t drop anything or lug over that entire chopping board to carefully slide the ingredients into the wok/pot.

Sound familiar?

The first time I heard of the Joseph Joseph Chop2Pot, I was hopeful but reserved my elation for after I tried it for a full week of regular near-daily cooking. Once you use this mod-looking cutting board, you’re going to wonder why nobody thought of this decades ago. Its design is sheer genius and simply ergonomically correct.

Made of lightweight but durable plastic, this medium-sized chopping board folds towards the middle so that you can easily and neatly slide your chopped ingredients into your pot/wok with zero mess and zero hassle. By itself, it weighs nearly nothing. One of its most winning features is the non-slip backside- a must-have feature to prevent potentially catastrophic accidents. 

A soft, non-slip grip allows for easy handling and carrying of this lightweight chopping board. After a week’s worth of near-daily cooking use, I found the following to be true:

  • The board is perfect for chopping all types of herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits. 
  • The board works well for cutting boneless meats and poultry but I would not recommend using this for heavy mincing (Asian style) and certainly not for heavy duty activities like chopping a whole chicken bone-in into pieces.
  • Clean-up is super easy as nothing sticks, meaning no residues from potentially dangerous chicken or other meats.
  • The Chop2Pot is dishwasher safe.

It comes in 2 sizes- Small is 38 x 21 x 1.5cm (chopping area: 27 x 21cm) and Large is a 48 x 27 x 1.5cm (chopping area: 36 x 27cm) and is available in 8 vibrant colors.

Price: US $16 for small. US $20 for large.

At these prices, you should stock up with a few of these- they will definitely become one of your most indispensable kitchen tools ever! They also make for a great gift for family and friends who are avid home cooks.

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