Andrew Chung


DOB: 1981

Birthplace: Toronto, Canada

Ethnicity: Chinese

Occupation: Writer, Producer, Director

Residence: Toronto, Canada

“I’m extremely passionate about putting more Asian faces on screen in North America.”

Dina’s Thoughts

Passionate, relentless and focused- these are the three words that first come to mind when thinking of Andrew Chung, creator, writer and producer of a breakout series on Youtube called “Millions The Series.” He’s overcome nearly insurmountable obstacles and weathered through 9 long years to bring his first major series to fruition, despite financial setbacks, production setbacks and despite being based in a region where homegrown entertainment is at a virtual standstill.

Of Chinese descent, Chung’s family moved from China to India, and finally to Canada in search of a better life. As a teenager, Chung battled with self-proclaimed “extremely low self-esteem” in large part due to a severe lack of Asian male role models in the public eye. Fast forward to over 15 years later, he’s now got major commercials under his belt, several short films and of course, Millions The Series, the latter which is gaining popularity with Asian Americans for its anti-clichéd characters and unique storyline. Chung is quickly becoming the role model for younger generations of Asian Americans, the likes of which he missed in his own childhood.

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Andrew is a Toronto-based Writer/Director with a screenwriting diploma from the Vancouver Film School. His films, “Word” and “Beauty Heart Story”, have toured festivals around the world and received distribution. His current project, “MILLIONS”, is a drama about a group of twenty-somethings who embark on an ambitious but dangerous journey to become millionaires before turning thirty. It has screened at the 2013 Marseille Web Festival, winning Andrew the award for “Best Director”, and the 2013 Vancouver Asian Film Festival and 2013 New York Television Festival. Numerous corporate clients, musicians, theatre and dance companies, and various artists have enlisted him to assist them in bringing their ideas and visions to life through film. He has worked on campaigns for TELUS, Coca-Cola, and Kobo.


MILLIONS Director/Screenwriter/Editor Apr ’14
Jaded Pictures Dramatic Series MILLIONS Prod.
BLACKBERRY Z30 SPOT Director/Editor Jan ‘14
TELUS Web Commercial TELUS
SAMSUNG NOTE 3 SPOT Director/Editor Jan ‘14
TELUS Web Commercial TELUS
TELUS LINK SPOT Director/Editor Oct ‘13
TELUS Web Commercial TELUS
OPEN HAPPINESS PROJECT Director/Editor Jun ’13
Coca-Cola Company Web Commercial Coca-Cola Co.
TELUS HOW-TO SPOT Director/Editor Apr ‘13
TELUS Web Commercial TELUS
INT/EXT Director/Editor Apr ’12
Jaded Pictures Experimental Short Film Jaded Pictures
ENTER THE SHADOW Director/Editor Nov ’11
Break It Down Transmedia Stage Play Break It Down
BEAUTY HEART STORY Director/Editor Aug ’11
Vancouver Asian Film Festival Documentary Short Film VAFF
AMPLIFIER Director/Editor Jun ’11
Mister Park/Triple City Ent. Music Video Triple City Ent.
WORD Screenwriter Apr ’08
Jaded Pictures Experimental Short Film Jaded Pictures
DOGGONE ONG Screenwriter/Editor Jul ’07
Big PAW Productions Comedy Short Film Big PAW Prod.

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